Southwestern Guesthouses on 265 Acres
near Silver City, New Mexico
overlooking Bear Creek and the Gila Wilderness

A Hike Into the Rugged Gila Wilderness

A SPECTACULAR HIKE UP RAIN CREEK CANYON INTO THE RUGGED GILA WILDERNESS IN SOUTHWEST NEW MEXICO The Gila Is Calling and Again I Must Go … – For All Who Have Been There – THE GILA WILDERNESS The Gila Wilderness was designated and set aside as the first Wilderness Area in the U.S. Forest Service […]

Summer Solstice in Southwest New Mexico

SUMMER SOLSTICE LIGHT AND SHADOW ON BEAR CREEKAT CASITAS DE GILA GUESTHOUSES CYCLES OF SOLSTICE ON BEAR CREEK Guests that return to Casitas de Gila Guesthouses at different times of the year will observe, while sitting in front of their Casita watching the Sunrise, that the Sun comes up at different places along the mountainous […]


 BEAR CREEK IN JUNE: A BRIGHT GREEN OASIS IN A HIGH-DESERT LANDSCAPE WAITING FOR THE RAINS TO COME MAY AND JUNE: DRYING TIME IN THE HIGH DESERT SOUTHWEST It is late into the “waiting for the rain time” again here at Casitas de Gila Guesthouses on Bear Creek in Gila, New Mexico. It has been […]