Southwestern Guesthouses on 265 Acres
near Silver City, New Mexico
overlooking Bear Creek and the Gila Wilderness

A Southwest New Mexico Winter!

MIDWINTER ENCHANTMENT IN THE BEAR CREEK NATURE PRESERVE AT CASITAS DE GILA GUESTHOUSES IN SOUTHWEST NEW MEXICO SOUTHWEST NEW MEXICO: A NATURE LOVER’S PARADISE WITH FOUR GENTLE SEASONS The High Chihuahuan Desert of Southwest New Mexico is a landscape of exceptional beauty, diversity, and distinct seasonal climatic change due to a rugged topography ranging from […]

Some Interesting Blogs from the Past 5 Years . . .

  We’re taking a break from the Gila Nature Blog for a few months in order to focus on other projects. Since January 2011, when the first Blog article appeared, a wide range of topics has been covered. Here’s a summary of several topics. If your favorite topic isn’t listed below, use the panel to […]

The Desert Dry Wash or Arroyo

THE DESERT DRY WASH (aka Arroyo): AN ICONIC LANDFORM OF THE AMERICAN SOUTHWEST An Exploration into the Natural History of the Dry Wash Trail at Casitas de Gila Guesthouses in Southwest New Mexico THE DESERT DRY WASH OR ARROYO: ICONIC LANDFORM OF OUR WESTERN CINEMATIC FANTASIES For most adults looking back on our early cinematic […]


TWO UNIQUE GEMSTONES FOUND IN THE GILA COUNTRYOF SOUTHWEST NEW MEXICO CHALCEDONY AND JASPER: QUARTZ GEMSTONES OF UNIQUE FORM AND COLOR Chalcedony and Jasper are two distinct gemstone varieties of the diverse quartz mineral family that occur abundantly throughout the Gila Country of Southwest New Mexico. Both of these gemstones are composed of cryptocrystalline quartz, […]


  SEARCHING FOR CRYSTALS AND HISTORY IN THE GILA FLUORITE DISTRICT OF SOUTHWEST NEW MEXICO THE GILA FLUORSPAR DISTRICT AND THE GILA FLUORSPAR MILL It was June of 1943 and the United States was now deep into its second year of involvement in World War II. All projections indicated that demand for fluorspar, an ore […]


  A FASCINATING JOURNEY THROUGH DEEP CANYONS OF MULTICOLORED VOLCANIC ROCKS LINED WITH ANCIENT, WHITE-BARKED SYCAMORE   It was around October 26, 1885, when the Chokonon Apache Chief Ulzana and about 20 warriors crossed the border into New Mexico from Mexico to begin a series of raids in New Mexico and Arizona. Their purpose was […]


 A Day Hike to the San Francisco Hot Springs and the Pristine Wilderness of the San Francisco River Canyon The San Francisco River is the largest tributary to the Gila River. Over its 160-mile course, it flows through some of the most scenic country in Southeastern Arizona and Southwestern New Mexico. Emerging from its mountainous […]


Forged by Fire • Treasured Through the Ages  Among the wide range of volcanic rocks and minerals that can be found near Casitas de Gila Guesthouses, one of the most interesting is obsidian. In geologic terms, obsidian is classified as an extrusive igneous rock or sometimes a mineraloid, but never as a mineral because it […]

A Time-Travel Hike Up Mineral Creek to Cooney Camp & Mine

On September 2, 1877, the Apache Chief Victorio, a major leader of the Chihenne band of the Chiricahua Apache, and four other Chihenne chiefs — Loco, Nana, Mangas, and Tomaso Coloradas — fled the San Carlos Reservation in Arizona, along with some 300 Chihenne and a small band of Bedonkohe Chiricahua Apache1. They left the […]